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We bring your special moments to life.

Life is a beautiful journey, filled with several milestones; The birth of your first child, his/her first day at school, graduation, the flutter of love in their eyes, its culmination in joyous marriage, the birth of their first child, It's a circle, and life goes on ……  No doubt these wonderful moments wiII stay etched in your mind album-your memories. We at Sarigma International fulfil the immensely satisfying task of recording these moments physically for you. So you can summon happiness every once in a while in convenient Photographic format! Or slip a DVD into your player and relive those moments once again, again and again.

The New York based Sarigma International spearheads a team of creative photographers Who specialize in capturing that ‘special moment’ Be it at a wedding, a birth ceremony or christening, or any other Joyous occasion. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we give you the best that photography has to offer. gut as they say, ultimately it is the talent of our photographers, their ability to discern beauty any situation, which results 'n some of the most loved photo albums

It is our endeavour to become the official chroniclers of your milestones throughout your life. Call us. It could be the start of a wonderful relationship of give and take- you us smiles, process them and present them back to you, More beautiful than you had ever imagined.

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